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This site is multi-faceted.  It's purpose is to connect you with my professional services and offer a little insight into my personal "space."  I hope you find it informative, intriguing and enjoyable.  Welcome to Pete's world!

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Massage Therapy
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Dr. Peter Friedrichs

Brain Body Connection

Wellness Services and Products

"I absolutely love your gourmet coffee! The Ganoderma herb has helped my sleeping patterns immensely.  My headaches are essentially gone and I'm getting two more hours of sleep per night!  Thank you Dr. Pete!" 

"When I 'walked' into your clinic, I had sciatic nerve pain so bad that I couldn't stand, sit or sleep.  I came to you in tears from pain.  Three months later, you brought a then 33 year old back to normal.  No injections and no surgery for the slipped disc either.  So thankful to have you in my life... forever!!"

What Clients Say...

"I have been seeing Dr. Pete for a couple years...  I could not function without his treatment...  My hands used to fall asleep when I was shaving... Now I look forward to my weekly visits because I am always in a good mood after an adjustment!"

Performance Supplements &
​Weight Loss Program​​

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"I used to run a nutrition store and tried many performance/weight loss products.  Your Advocare product is fantastic!  I've never had results like this before.  The 24 Day Challenge is a great way to shed some weight and prep for a healthier me!  Thank you!"

Chiropractic Services, Spinal Disc Decompression, Rehab & Massage

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